If you’re heading up a smaller construction company, you might not consider yourself a marketer – but you are. Every member of your staff is too, whether they’re part of a dedicated marketing team or not.

Marketing isn’t just about brochures, websites or logos. At its heart, it is about building long term relationships with clients, and helping them meet their needs. That involves everybody.

It involves a receptionist who is courteous and competent. It needs staff on-site who are friendly and trustworthy. It requires directors who are well-prepared and professional. Every member of staff projects an image of your company that either inspires confidence in your company or undermines it. And your company has an image, whether or not you’ve invested in one. It’s either an image you’ve crafted yourself, or it’s one that people have formed by themselves. 

If you’ve never really considered the marketing side of your business, then this is the most important thing to know: you’re already marketing your company, whether you like it or not. Recognising that and getting proactive about it is the first step towards building a better business. 

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