After the Presentation

At the end of the presentation, there are still at least two more things to do. Shaking hands and saying goodbye is not the end!

Firstly, if appropriate, write or email to say thank-you again for the opportunity to make your presentation.  State your appreciation of the client’s time and hospitality.

Secondly, get your team together to debrief.  Make sure you learn for the future!  Get everyone to contribute:  What went well?  What could have been done better?

This may involve some painful moments, if mistakes have been made.  Although it sounds like a cliché, it is really true: handled properly, mistakes are a great way to learn. Be honest, let people say and hear the truth, and give everyone the opportunity to learn and do better.

Of course debriefing doesn’t have to be all negative.  Congratulate people for the things that went well, and if you used new ideas, make sure you note them down so that they can be used again and built on.

Encourage your team, and move on!

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