Anticipating and Pre-Handling Problems

For a successful presentation, you obviously need to demonstrate that you really understand the project, and your client’s needs for the project.

As you research the project in detail, discuss it together within your team, so that you can identify the problems that you will be facing if you are successful in the tender, and develop solutions.  Talk to others who have faced similar projects.  Use the Web to look for solutions.

Your presentation will demonstrate your professionalism, as you have anticipated the problems, and already come up with sensible, cost-effective solutions.

In your discussions within the team, identify what additional value you can bring to the project.  We’ve talked about differentiation, and this is where it really matters.

Remember that the client will be listening to your presentation just after someone else’s presentation, and just before a third one. What sets you apart from the competition?  Why should the client choose your firm in particular?  What can you offer the client that no one else can?

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