Care for Your Corporate Image

While we’re on the subject of involving the whole company in marketing, it’s worth stressing that everyone is involved in projecting the corporate image.

You will hopefully have done some of the groundwork and developed a coherent corporate image that reflects your values and expertise. And hopefully the mental image that people have of your company aligns well with what you are trying to communicate. The biggest factor in that alignment is the experience of dealing with your staff.

Every member of your staff impacts the image of your company every time they deal with a client.  They could be damaging the image of your business through being off-hand on the phone, writing a sloppy letter, or failing to do what they promised in a timely manner.

Or positively, they can be helping to improve the image of your company by their cheerful manner, their friendly helpfulness, their knowledge and professional skill, their reliability in doing what they said they would do.

Every company has a corporate image.  Make sure yours is a good one by helping your staff to be aware of their vital role in marketing your business – building good relationships with your clients.

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