Everyone is a Sales Spotter

Every employee needs to remember how their behaviour can affect, for good or ill, the image of your company, and your long-term relationship with clients. But more than that: every member of your staff is a potential sales spotter.

Potential sales leads can come from all over.  Sales experts make use of Glenigan, ABI and Builder’s Conference, but other members of staff may pick up hints from clients during the course of the day.  Chatting over coffee or on the phone, a contact may mention an upcoming project, or a new company they have come across.  Don’t let these go to waste: these can be high potential contacts.

First of all your staff need to understand their role as sales spotters.  They need to be able to recognise a potential sales lead when they see one or hear about one.  And they need to know to pass it on.

Some companies have developed a tiered reward scheme to encourage staff to feed in sales leads.  These can be very effective – provided you are careful to follow up the leads, and communicate the results back to the source.

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