Honesty Really is the Best Policy

An open, honest approach is always appreciated, and will win you friends.  It’s natural to worry that if you are honest about the things you can’t do, or about a mistake you have made, people will think badly of you.  But that’s not the case.

We tend to be suspicious of people we don’t know - are they telling us the truth? The whole truth?  Sadly, some marketing people have been known to be more than a little flexible with the truth when it suits them.

So when people come across some obvious honesty it can be quite refreshing.  Your integrity can differentiate you from the competition.

If you are honest about the jobs that are really just a bit too big for you, or that will stretch you too far, you might lose a bid in the short term – but in the longer term you will gain so much more.  Honesty communicates confidence, and it builds trust – something money can’t buy.

If you are honest about what you can’t do, people will believe you when you express interest in jobs you really do want.  Honesty is a key building block in developing long-term relationships. And they in turn lead to repeat custom and a sound income stream.

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