Making the Presentation

A good presentation, like a good story, has a beginning, middle and an end.  You need to ensure that all three are really strong.

The opening is short – two minutes at most – but essential to build personal communication and trust.  Pay attention to eye-contact, direct, clear speech, and confident delivery.  Say thank you for this opportunity to meet.  Introduce your team: their current roles, experience, and what their roles will be if you win the job. Confirm that you’re positively interested in the work, and suitable to take it on.  Show that you understand the project and what the client wants. Move on to a quick introduction to the areas to be covered in the presentation.

See why you need to practise? You need to deliver all that, confidently, clearly and succinctly, in one-to-two minutes.

Then comes the presentation itself, for which your team have thoroughly prepared and practised.

At the close, reiterate your thanks for the opportunity to meet.  Reiterate your positive interest, and summarise your key strengths that make you distinctive and especially suitable for this job.  Confirm what the next action will be after the presentation – on both sides.

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