Preparing Your Team

A successful presentation is a team effort – and the success of the team depends on the weakest member.  So make sure the whole team is thoroughly prepared.

You’ve already made a start on this with your discussions about your project.  Now, as you plan out the presentation in detail, be very clear about who is doing what.

Who is responsible for the opening?  You know that awful moment of doubt when everyone looks at each other, and no one is sure who’s going first.  If that happens, you might as well leave straight away!  Who’s leading the team? Who is greeting the client?  Who is doing the introductions?  Just be clear.

Then be clear about who speaks to each section, and who is going to do the summary at the end.

Prepare all the documentation, the PowerPoint slides.  Check you have any other visual aids?  Do you need to take a projector, or does the client provide one? Then practice!

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