Competitive Differentiation

So you know what you’re good at and you’ve focused accordingly. That’s great, but we’re only halfway to a solid marketing platform. Imagine you’ve followed up a great lead and you’re got a foot in the door with the prospective client. Then in the course of discussions they ask an awkward question: ‘I already use six other contractors: why should I consider you?’ 

What is your quick, effective answer to make sure they add you to their list of regular tenderers?

This is a crucial part of the marketing process.  We call it ‘competitive differentiation’.  What makes you stand out from the crowd?  How do you make yourself different from your competitors and so become attractive to your prospective clients?

Every contractor has a role in the construction marketplace, but you don’t want to be in the ‘me too’ herd. If all you’ve got going for you is that you’re no worse than everybody else, then there’s no reason for anyone to choose you. Clients will always prefer a contractor who stands out from the others, who has something special to offer – specific experience, an ability to move fast or a team that's located close to their site.

It’s crucial to develop your business to become something special, with qualities that stand out from everyone else in the crowd.

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