The Intangible Elements of Your Image

Your corporate image is the sum total of how people think about you.  It is partly shaped by your logo and brochures, website and so on.  It is also shaped by people’s experiences of dealing with you, and by the gossip of others who have worked with you.

This is why it’s so vital to get everyone in your firm on board with your marketing strategy, as we’ll come to later.  Your receptionist is on the front line of marketing.  First impressions are essential and how they answer the phone and deal with visitors powerfully impacts their impression of your firm, for good or ill.

It’s not just the receptionist. Every member of your staff affects your corporate image every day. Do they answer the phone politely?  Do they deal with queries promptly?  Do they do what they have said they will do?  Do they make a good impression on site visits? Do they manage the contracts well?  Do they know what they are talking about?

A good experience for clients leads to a good corporate image. And a good image will help clients to be willing to trust you with their business, and that in turn will lead to repeat business.

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