The Tangible Elements of a Good Corporate Image

There are two aspects to your corporate image: the tangible and intangible. Both of them are important.

The tangible elements of your corporate image are the things people can touch or see: your logo, brochures, website, letterheads, vehicle signwriting and hoardings on site. You cannot overestimate the importance of getting these well designed. The subliminal communication from a good logo, a well written brochure, a coherent website, and a well set-out letter is immense.

Don’t underestimate the negative impact of an off-the-shelf logo, a badly written letter or brochure, or a website that is hard to use. These may lose you the business before the potential client has read a single word.

Some might dismiss expenditure on design as an indulgence, something that can be easily cut to improve the bottom line. But just think about your own role as a client: how many of your purchases are influenced by good or bad design and packaging? How often are you put off by something that is poorly presented? Which would you trust more, a generic ‘no-name’ product or a branded one?

Good design does not happen by accident. It is usually the end of a long process, but it is worth investing in. It doesn’t have to be flashy, but get it done professionally. Good design makes you more memorable, and it communicates reliability and helps to build trust.

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