Why Strategy Matters

In the previous section we looked at laying the basics of marketing, understanding what it is and the time it takes. Another vital foundation to successful marketing is developing a clear business focus. 

Being clear about the kind of business you want helps you, in turn, to shape an effective marketing and communications strategy. If you have a clear idea of the kind of jobs you want to win, you’ll get a much clearer idea of who you need to talk to, and what you want to say.

This clarity and effectiveness will feed into all your communications: brochures, website, letters and conversations, magazine articles etc.  And this kind of coherence really helps to get your message across.

Having a clearly focused business model and marketing strategy gives you confidence as you approach new prospects. Your colleagues will feel confident and assertive as they deal with clients, because they all understand what direction you are going in.

Clarity and confidence in your communications means you will be more heard more clearly and better understood. With time, you’ll develop an increasingly obvious track record of success. That, in turn, will set you apart from your competition. You’ll be taken increasingly seriously, more easily remembered, with treated with greater respect.

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