The five types of sales lead

The market intelligence from the planning system is an exceptionally powerful tool. At the heart of almost every successful construction firm is a marketing team that knows how to use it well.

At first glance though, it can appear that there is actually too much information! You’re going to need to narrow it down to find the projects most relevant to you. There are five different stages of lead, and not all of them will be useful to your company’s skills and specialities. Once you’ve understood the five types of sales leads and where your business comes into the process, that mass of projects will look much less daunting.

1. Pre-Planning Leads

These are very early leads (usually to more major developments) that come up in the press – a company relocation, for example.

Pre-planning leads are most useful to property companies or major contractors with longer-term key account development interests. A company move would also be of interest to office furniture or fit-out companies. Sometimes architects, surveyors or other professional firms will want to get in right at the inception of a scheme.

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