5. Contract Award Stage

The final stage of the sales opportunity pipeline: the main contractor has now been appointed, and they’re getting into the detail of who’s going to be doing what.

This is the preferred stage for most subcontractors, and those specialising in the early trades - brickwork, roofing or plastering should get in touch now. Trades that come in once the shell of the building is complete, (for example electricians, joiners, painters and decorators) might want to hold off for a week or two. You’ll avoid the rush of calls that inevitably happens once a main contract is awarded.

It’s a little late for site services, as these tend to be booked in very quickly, but always worth a call. If you don’t get this job, it’s an opportunity to ask about what’s coming up next.  Material suppliers who sell to subcontractors can also use these leads.

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