A Typical Day in the Life of a Sales Hunter

What would it look like to have an experienced CMS Sales Hunter for a day a week working in your office, helping to grow your business?

The day starts early with a short briefing with the MD or a Director. They review the last week’s activity and calls, or any appointments that the director may have followed up.  Together they agree on the new project leads to follow up that day, and the priority recalls for projects already under development.

The One third / Two thirds ratio.

Typically, we find that the ideal and most productive use of the day is to commit up to one third of the day to new leads – generally around 6-8 brand-new project leads from Glenigan, Barbour ABI or Planning Pipe.

The larger part of the day – up to five or six hours is given to the regular and dedicated follow-up of the high-quality project leads under development. That's in the region of 14-16 projects per day. This one third/two thirds split has always proved an ideal way to generate the best results while keeping the sales topped up with good new projects.

Of all the leads handled, around 10-15% will be A* projects and given highest priority, with another 20 or so A leads to follow up. The next 50-60% will be of genuine B-level interest, and will be followed up assiduously. The remainder may be worth mailing, if there is time left at the end of the day. To stay focused, we run a strict discipline where we make the call, write it up on the online CRM database and get the email done before moving on to the next call.

Overall, the Sales Hunter will spend 6 hours or more on the phone, developing upward of 24 projects, either new leads or recalls. Out of this we would expect one or two highly targeted sales appointments where there are specific projects to discuss. This type of activity will also represent 1-1.5 highly targeted tenders brought in over the course of time. With other calls it will be a matter of keeping in contact, and building longer-term relationships for when the next project goes live.

After phone tasks, time may need to be spent preparing letters to follow up the calls, and carrying out research for the appointments that have been set. The day ends with a debrief, and always some genuine cause for satisfaction.

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