How to Use the Phone to Develop New Business

Great leads will give you the information about the project and who to call, but there is considerable skill in using the phone well and making sales.

First, you need a dedicated and skilful operator.  Many people don’t like making cold calls. Unsurprisingly, they don’t tend to be very good at them either. A marketing professional will be well versed in the art. With experience and confidence, they can use cold-calling to build relationships that lead to appointments and tenders.

Secondly, you need persistence.  Lots of builders will call up prospective sales leads, but far fewer will make the next call. The quality and dedication of a true marketing professional is the second and third call - and more. It’s that friendly persistence that slowly builds relationships.

At this point you may be aware that your company might not currently have the skills, leads or persistence in-house to achieve effective telephone marketing. One solution is to bring in a CMS sales hunter. We are dedicated, skilful operators who enjoy cold-calling and are very good at it.  We also help you select the best sales leads to help your business grow.  And we are amazingly persistent and effective in building long-term relationships with your work providers.

And we can achieve all this for you through just one concentrated sales day per week.   Give us a call now and see how we can help your business to grow.

The Rule of Seven

Research shows that larger sales take an average of seven contacts of one kind or another -  from the initial call through to the follow-up and then on over some months if required – telephone calls, emails and maybe a personal meeting.  Yes, you can hit the jackpot in two or three calls – but it can sometimes take ten or more. The contractor who stays the course is the most likely to secure a tender.

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