Using Market Intelligence

We are amazingly well provided with market intelligence in the UK construction industry.  The trick is knowing how to use it.

Thanks to the UK planning system, we know in advance about almost every construction project of any value.  Out of this mass of information, the two leading market intelligence providers – Barbour ABI and Emap Glenigan – pick out and detail over 250,000 projects a year. They focus on the ones over £100k, with smaller projects listed in summary. Planning Pipe is another similar service.

In addition, over 5,000 major projects each year are researched through the tendering to planning stages by ABI and Glenigan again, but also by the Builders’ Conference.  The potential value of these sales leads for your sales strategy is enormous.   Properly used, they allow you to:

  • Identity specific projects that are of interest to you

  • Get information early enough to chase opportunities

  • Identify key work providers so you can build long-term relationships

  • Easily identify new companies in your area

  • Use intelligently targeted direct mail and email shots

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