Using Market Intelligence to Target Your Sales

Using market intelligence is a key to targeted marketing.  It allows you to seize immediate opportunities to help with cash flow.  At the same time it enables you to work on long-term relationship building that will lead to repeat business, stability and growth. Good sales people deliver immediate work, and keep an eye on the future too, looking for upcoming projects and potential work providers.

Barbour ABI, Planning Pipe and Glenigan leads are excellent ways for you to identify all the possible building projects that may be of interest to you.  That means you can focus on the kind of work that you like doing and that you are good at – or the kind of work you would like to move into.

It also means you can focus on the geographical areas that are most convenient for you. In addition, it means you identify the projects that promise the best margins, or ones that will fit the gaps in your schedule.

Market intelligence will also give you the details of key people you need to talk to: the main contacts and decision-makers in the firms. These are the people you’ll want to invest in and develop a good working relationship, building trust and giving a great impression of your company.

The information is there to be used, and if you’re not using it, your competitors will! So let’s get into the detail of sales leads.


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