Over the years we have been introduced to or worked with some great companies, offering valuable services to the construction market - here are some links you might find interesting…

Planning Pipe

We work extensively with Planning Pipe who provide UK planning data on a weekly basis, with a focus on providing value for money to the SME construction market. Read our interview with Paul Graham.

The Quoin Consultancy

A company we know well who provide excellent CDM and Health & Safety services to the construction market.

Chartered Institute of Building

CMS is a Chartered Building Consultancy and we are proud to be associated with this organisation which seeks to improve the built environment.

Construct UK

An extensive directory of construction sales and marketing information and is specifically designed for industry professionals. Read our interview with Darren Jarvis on our articles page.


Estimating can be a major bottleneck for builders, and an expensive one too. HBXL have a suite of software that takes the pain out of estimating and can even provide a full outsourced service too.