CMS Sub-Contract

For most subcontractors, generating enquiries is not the problem. The big challenge is turning those enquiries into work, especially repeat business. If too many enquiries come to nothing, it can feel like your business is running to stand still. 

Here’s why it can feel like that. When you submit a price to a main contractor, you’re competing with several others. The contractor is in turn competing for the work, which means there are a lot of other players.

CMS Sub-Contract is a unique service designed to shorten the odds and help you win more of the jobs you bid for. Here’s how it works:
The logic of our CMS Sub-Contract sales service is straightforward, but most companies don’t have time to track a job in this way – they’re already fielding the next enquiry. CMS has an extensive network of contacts and we’ve got it down to a fine art, following up and keeping you in the frame until the work is awarded.

For more on how CMS Sub-Contract works, download our information sheet, or get in touch. You can also give us a call on 01256 475 880 to talk through how it can work for you.

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