CMS Top Tips: Introductory Email

Email is a useful tool, if used appropriately… an impersonal, cold approach by email will so very rarely generate any results that it’s just not worth doing. However, as a follow up to a conversation or a well-crafted personal approach email can be very effective.

But what is it that makes a well-crafted email? CMS writes a bespoke introductory email template for every client we take on, so we have done a few. Here is a video that reveals what, in our opinion, are the four key elements to include:

We hope you find the video useful – here are a few further thoughts on the process:


Friendly or over familiar? – there is a fine line to be drawn between being friendly in tone and too casual, this is not an email to your mates after all. As a general rule I always open with Dear John, only using terms like Hi John once they have responded to you and if they themselves use that tone.
Don’t brag – you need to communicate your skills and abilities, but try to focus on how they can benefit the client.
Make it easy – make sure that it is easy for them to contact you, if you give your mobile out but are rarely in a position to answer it people will be put off.

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